Qualification and Experience

I am an Existential Integrative Psychotherapist and a full member of the UK Council of psychotherapy (UKCP). This modality integrates CBT (including 3rd wave) and psychodynamic approaches. I am also currently an EMDR therapist.  Initially, I trained in Occupational Therapy  where I worked with clients across the NHS, in social care, and charity settings. My experience runs across (but is not limited to) addressing a range of difficulties such as common mental health issues, long-term physical conditions, anxiety/depression, stable psychosis, eating disorders, relational issues, substance misuse, self-harming and much more. Additionally, I am able to carry out ADHD coaching, drawing from both Occupational and Psychotherapy disciplines. 

Current work and interests

I had the chance to pilot an innovative approach in trauma work called REWIND. This technique reduces involuntary recall  without disclosure of traumatic experience. This means, with this technique, the client does not necessarily need to talk about their traumatic incident and can benefit from a significant reduction in flashbacks occurrences.

Alongside my work in private practice, I am a university lecturer and I am pursuing further specialisation in Existential Psychotherapy by completing a Doctorate in that field. This is a great approach for big life transitions (i.e., loss, bereavement etc).

My approach to therapy

A pluralistic modality at heart, existential therapy facilitates a process in which we are able understand the way we may disclose aspects of our existence. As we are thrown into the thick of life, it is our response to these circumstances that reveal who we are and where we may want to go. As life is anything but a linear process – we may often stumble or get stuck along the way. We may even describe the stumbling blocks as anxiety, depression, numbness or even shame. Some of our work could involve examining those stumbling blocks and challenging your ideas, choices and reasoning processes. I would encourage you to remain open to all aspects and stimulate you to consider ones often overlooked. Meaningful therapy can, on occasion, be a long-term process, with the end date determined by the client.

Sessions may last an hour and opportunities will be provided for the client to shape the sessions to get the most out of them.

Regardless of whether you are new to the process or are experienced – it is a journey we embark on together. Feel free to reach out for further information.

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