A mental health assessment is a structured consultation with a qualified clinician who gathers information regarding your general information, developmental history, work/ academic achievement, emotional wellbeing, peer/ family interactions, and any difficulties that you may be experiencing. Essentially, it is a discussion where the clinician is able to understand any issues that you may be facing and there respective solutions. The conversation is shaped to help you prospectively and so, insight, input, and openness are key to a reliable assessment. This is done through a discussion with you and by using sometimes questionnaires or other types of psychometrics.

When and why would I need a mental health assessment?

If you notice yourself struggling to regulate your emotions and thoughts, if you fell there is a major shift in your lifestyle, behaviour or interactions and this is impacting your daily functioning and relationships, then we would recommend undergoing a mental health assessment. In essence, the mental health assessment aims to help you understand your presentation and how to manage/overcome your difficulties clinically.

Given that you are also provided with a written report outlining the assessment and clinical recommendations, this further ensures that your GP, workplace, and/or educational setting  also understand and attend to any relevant suggestions. 

Please note that we always welcome you bringing along a loved one for support or for their perspectives! 

If you would like to book a free initial introductory call with our client support team to enquire about any of our assessments further, please send an email to support@chatservices.co.uk and we would be happy to assist you as well as provide a detailed quote for the required assessment!

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