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“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time, and energy needed to develop yourself.” – Denis Waitley
The practice of sophrology was created by Alfonso Caycedo, a Spanish psychiatrist in the 1960s who was actively researching for ways to help his patients through the study of altered states of consciousness. His interest in existential psychology and, later on, in oriental practices (yoga, Buddhism) led him to define sophrology as “the science of consciousness and the values of existence”. 
The aim was to develop a range of exercises that can lead to better self-awareness, positive self-growth and connecting with our inner resources. It is a process that enhances the interaction between our mind and body. 
The practice of sophrology is implemented through modernised mindfulness techniques, heightened body awareness, breathing methods, visualisation procedures, physical movement, and much more. Fundamentally, sophrology was developed to be all-inclusive meaning that anyone could use the techniques anywhere and reap the benefits (whether independently or in a group!).
Reconnecting with our body and with “its infinite intelligence” is key to maturing our personal wellbeing as it helps us become attuned with our thoughts, sensations and emotions. Additionally, sophrology transforms the way we view situations and people through building understanding, optimism and confidence. A few other professed benefits include experiencing a better relationship with food, sleeping better, having greater energy, feeling more motivated and confident within yourself and with others!

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