family therapy

Is your family struggling to get along?

Our family is the first environment that we know and from which we get our sense of identity and support. But sometimes, it is also the main source of our anxieties and discomfort.

Family Therapy

Although sometimes one or more members of the family manifest the conflict, family therapy focuses on the dynamics of the entire group and on the complex interactions that occur among its members. The focus of our work is to conduct sessions with families of any configuration. We work at your pace, safely exploring the subjective experience of the members, in a collaborative way. Together, we identify patterns of dysfunction that prevent you from communicating with each other and highlight helpful patterns that allow for collaboration and reparation.

Why Co-therapy?

In a co-therapy setting, two therapists conduct the session. Family co-therapy allows a wider range of interventions and more flexibility and creativity to define and elaborate conflicts from different standpoints and approaches. We can conduct the session in English, French and Spanish.

Situations we can help you with

  • Babies and their carers
  • Fostering/Adoption/Step-families
  • Separation, Divorce
  • Loss and bereavement including life altering illness or terminal diagnosis.
  • Illness and Bereavement
  • Traumatic Events
  • Mental health difficulties (individual or within the family)
  • Dementia Issues
  • Addictions
  • Self harming and growing up issues
  • Supporting families when a member is struggling with physical and/ or mental health difficulties

There are other forms of family interventions also available at our practice:

If you are interested in having family sessions reach out to us on

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