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Clinical Psychologist – Psychotherapist

Embarking on the journey to find the right therapist for you can be daunting. Yet, by exploring this profile you have already taken a big step towards seeking the support you deserve. Welcome! If you find comfort reading this, then perhaps we can navigate through whatever brings you to this space.

Qualification and experience

I am deeply passionate about my work, creatively integrating the realms of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy to understand an individual holistically.

Around 10 years ago, I completed solid theoretical foundations and trainings as a Clinical Psychologist in Paris while enhancing my appreciation for the human psyche and the ways we can empower individuals towards holistic wellbeing. Transferring this background to the UK in 2019 made me question how can we cater evidence-based practices to account for each person’s subjective experience and mental health difficulties?

I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients with different presentations and needs. My experience extends to supporting people with loss and bereavement, anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, eating disorders, relationship/ family difficulties, neurodiversity, learning disabilities, and other life troubles. Throughout the years, I have supported children, adolescents, and adults from various cultures and backgrounds. My approach is not limited to one-to-one counselling as I have also offered couple, group, and family therapy.

In the course of this, I recognised a recurring theme – behaviours are often rooted in past experiences, even in early infancy. I developed an interest in further understanding this and so, I completed an additional diploma in Perinatal Psychology and Psychopathology. This broadened my awareness into the pivotal life stages, including pregnancy, birth, fertility challenges, attachment and parentality. Having this perspective enhances my ability to provide comprehensive support through acknowledging the interconnectedness of past experiences and present well-being.

My Approach to Therapy

At the core of my practice is the acknowledgement of each individual’s unique journey. I prioritise recognising and valuing the richness of everyone’s subjective experiences, as this forms the foundation of my therapeutic sessions. I work to create a safe space where we can collaboratively explore whatever difficulties and needs you may bring to therapy. My focus is around you, and what you bring in the here and now of the session – whether you are looking at goal-oriented therapy or an elaboration of transgenerational patterns, I am able to compassionately support your journey.

When working with children, I endeavour to provide a secure environment where they can express themselves through talking, play therapy and lots of other creative outlets. Ultimately, the approach is tailored to support the child and the families in overcoming the difficulties they are facing.

Given the importance of consistency in therapy, I provide hybrid sessions meeting in person at the practice and using video or phone calls to ensure you have a regular haven to express yourself.

Current Work and Interests

Alongside my work at ChAT Services, I am a university counsellor in Oxford where I provide psychological support to students dealing with stress, depression, academic pressure, remoteness, bullying, eating disorders and addictions.

Since I obtained my diploma in Perinatal Psychology, I have been working with clients during pregnancy, supporting parental processes for both parents and facilitating the bonding with their present or future child. My clinical experience has given me an insight into infinite possibilities of child and parental relationships along with the potential of help that can be provided during this fragile stage of life.

I am also a part of “Bubble & Speak” which is the English version of the French “Maison Verte”. This is a drop-in space open for children under the age of 4  and their carers, where we as “Welcomers” – Psychotherapists mediate within the processes of parenthood and the boundaries between the child and their parents.



HCPC – Health and Care Professions Council

BPS – British Psychological Society Chartered Membership  

Additional languages

  • French
  • Spanish

To get in touch with Tatiana please send an email to support@chatservices.co.uk

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