We are a group of practitioners who share the same values, views and ethical guidelines in psychology, education, counselling and psychotherapy. Our multidisciplinary team are highly trained in a recognised and accredited approach, and are each registered with the relevant governing body. You can choose which modality suits you best depending on your needs. Together, the areas we specialise in are:

Eating disorders – Personality Disorders – Psychosis and Bipolar Disorders – Sexual Issues – PTSD and Trauma – Fertility Stress – OCD – Work Stress – Relationship difficulties (Families – Couples – Peers) – Life altering diagnosis – ASC – ADHD – Mental Health Assessments – Specific Learning Difficulties – Neuropsychological assessments

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to set up an initial free assessment call to discuss your needs. 

To learn more about each therapist click on their webpage.

Founders of Chat Services

Rebeca Robertson - Psychotherapist
Dr Valérie Wendorff - Chartered Clinical Psychologist


Jamil Ahmed - Psychotherapist
Alexandra Wendorff - Clinical Psychologist
tatiana pic
Tatiana Cantaud - Clinical Psychologist
Jenny Profile photo
Jenny Noero - Consultant Psychologist
Julia Thannheiser - Psychotherapist in Training
Tilly St Aubyn - Psychotherapist in Training
Nicholas Millet - Psychotherapist in Training
Ciara Hablutzel Oppenheimer - Counselling Psychologist in Training
Alison Taylor - Psychotherapist in Training

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