Depression is one of the most common difficulties that people face. It is a negative cycle where you hold negative views about yourself, your world, and your future. Quite often, we hear clients describe their feelings as an overwhelming cloud of sadness which they cannot see going away. This ‘cloud’ follows them, making it hard to be happy, see their friends and families, and comfort is found by staying in bed, and shutting the world out. No one should have to bear these thoughts alone or feel this way. Depression comes from our minds and sometimes people can break the cycle of depression using self-help methods or turning to a loved one. But not everyone can find the  motivation to challenge their thoughts. In these cases, psychological therapies are recommended. Specifically, CBT, talk therapy, counselling, and DBT are found to be effective for coping with depression. It is important to note that everyone’s circumstances and triggers are different. This means that for some people, prescribed medication alongside psychological therapies is favourable to assist you on your healing journey.

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