Coaching is a process which focuses on “how” to work through your presenting issues and “how” to  achieve particular goals and implement positive change. Coaching is done in a one-to-one environment, and it is typically short-term, with the core aim of equipping you with the necessary skills to achieve your ambitions. One model we use is the GROW model (Goal, Reality, Options, What next). This is a step-by-step approach where we start with identifying your goals, then looking at your goals in relation to your individual context, and then working through your options. Once you achieve this, we can then explore your next objective. Some examples of what people aim to achieve through coaching include (but is not limited to) finding love, resolving a dispute, and changing careers. ​

Additionally, coaching is beneficial for individuals with ADHD. Working with a coach helps you to reinforce your strengths whilst giving you the tools to develop new strategies to overcome any difficulties. For instance, it has been found to increase planning, and organisational skills etc. ​

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