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Integrative Psychotherapist in training

Qualification and Experience

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist trainee studying toward an MA at Regent’s University. Integrative Psychotherapy draws on a range of modalities including psychodynamic, existential and humanistic. As such, I am able to offer a varied, flexible and tailored treatment adapted to the specific needs and goals of the client.

I hold a BSc in Education from Baylor University where my original training focused on the academic, social and emotional development of children in the classroom. It was during my career as an educator where I noticed how emotion deeply affects cognition. The tipping point for students seemed to rest in how these emotions instructed their sense of self and ultimately how they experienced the world. What brought me to the field of psychotherapy was a deep desire to support people who were struggling with how they were experiencing life and themselves. I further developed my training as a counsellor at ChildLine where I assist young people in finding effective ways to cope with issues like self-harm, bullying, family struggles, stress, and anxiety.

Having spent most of my life living abroad in Indonesia, Singapore, US and the UK, I have a well-rounded perspective of the world and the people in it. Living and working with a variety of cultures, personalities and ages have allowed me to cultivate a strong awareness and respect for our differences. Moreover, it has deeply informed the way I practice as a therapist. I am a member of UKCP and working towards my accreditation at CHAT Services.

Current Work and Interest

In my current psychotherapy practice I work with adult clients on issues including anxiety, depression, low mood, insecurity, grief, exploring purpose, life transitions and personal growth.

I have a strong interest in relationships (social, romantic, familial) and how they advise how we experience ourselves and our world. It is not uncommon to feel stuck, anxious or unsure about who you are and how you relate to people. Respectfully and openly revisiting these dynamics allows us to recognise and perhaps reorganize the many parts of ourselves, offering insight into who we might be.

I have always had an interest in nutrition, movement and mindfulness and hold a certification in health coaching. I am particularly drawn to how certain lifestyle factors may influence mood and how we can use them to support overall mental wellness.

My Approach to therapy

Each of us has a story to tell and a unique set of experiences that brings us to therapy. I see the therapeutic process as a collaborative relationship that reflects your individuality and your autonomy. I offer a warm, open and confidential space for you to safely explore and process your thoughts, behaviors and feelings.

I pay close attention to past experiences and how they have informed and influenced your current understanding of yourself. Perspectives are shaped in a number of ways including life experiences, values, and important relationships. Exploring the whole of your personality within the framework of your social and cultural experiences helps us to better understand how you became you.







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