At ChAT Services, we offer a wide range of standardised assessments and follow-up support across the lifespan, using various methods catered to your needs, which allows us to generate a formulation. Based on that formulation we discuss with you our recommendations and signpost support that are tailored to our findings. More specifically, our multidisciplinary team (psychologists, occupational therapists, and teachers) are experienced in delivering the following assessments: 

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Mental Health Assessments
Educational and Learning Needs Assessments
Neurodiversity Assessments

What to expect from an assessment?

Our practice recognises that we all have individual differences (such as age, previous reports, visual/auditory/verbal abilities, native languages) and our own reasons for undergoing an assessment. Taking this into account, we do not have one explicit assessment procedure; instead we work with you to establish a bespoke method in line with the NICE guidelines. Fundamentally, our assessments aim to thoroughly depict your presentation so that we may provide you with discrete solutions and guidance in line with our formulation. We do this in three stages, which we have outlined in the pathway below:


Why choose ChAT Services?

In our practice, we employ a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) approach, tailoring our methodologies to suit your individual needs. As part of our commitment, we use a person-centred process which includes bespoke assessment pathways that align with the NICE guidelines. Our focus extends beyond just giving you a diagnosis; we are more interested in collaborating with you on formulating personalised solutions. To do this, we actively communicate with your school and family to discuss potential interventions and how these can be integrated to optimally support your needs. In our MDT, we draw interventions from a diverse pool of practitioners while equally accounting for your preferences.

Essentially, our process is twofold – we work to identify and address your challenges while creating a journey of self-understanding around your strength and resilience!

If you would like to book a free initial introductory call with our Client Support Team to enquire about any of our assessments further, please send an email to and we would be happy to assist you as well as provide a detailed quote for the required assessment.

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