Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist - Sophrologist

Qualifications and Experience

I am a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and a sophrologist with over 20 years of experience in the psychology, psychotherapy, and education field. Initially, I qualified as a clinical psychologist outside of the UK where I had the pleasure of working with children, adolescents, and adults across the lifespan, performing neuropsychological assessments. During this time, I worked closely with clients to formulate and tailor long-term and short-term psychological treatment plans/interventions using structured interviews, psychometric tests, and reliable questionnaires. Following this, I completed my second master’s degree in education and health promotion where I chose to specialise in sexual education, addictions, and risk prevention. Additionally, I completed a four-year extensive psychotherapist training program in Psycho-Organic Analysis followed by a two-year training program where I specialised in Psychotherapy for Children, Families, and Couples. My interest in mindfulness-based techniques, and mind-body psychotherapies (or embodied psychotherapies) did not stop here! So, I decided to undertake an additional 2-year training program in France in Sophrology (also known as self-development practice, based on mind-body techniques).

Throughout this time, I started a private practice where I was able to implement all that I learnt to help clients cope with a range of difficulties, including (but not limited to) addictions, eating disorders, trauma recovery, and depression. Simultaneously, I worked in schools which allowed me to directly understand the obstacles that children and young adults are exposed to in their day to day life. Further, my experience in NGOs provided me with extensive insight and experience into working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds across their lifespan.

Current works and Interests

At the moment, alongside working as a psychotherapist in the UK, I have a growing interest in group work, specifically where I am able to implement sophrology and thus help individuals develop their stress management skills whilst building their self-esteem and confidence. I believe emotion regulation is central to mental health and sophrology is a key approach in helping people achieve this adequately. To name a few examples, this can be relevant for families where there is a pregnancy, parenting, or general pain management/ breaking bad habits, and building positive communication.

Generally, I have always been interested in yoga practice, and its ability to relax both the body and the mind. This led me to complete yoga training which I like to integrate with sophrology as the two compliment one another to alleviate anxiety.

My approach to therapy

My approach is around the belief that each person has their own specific needs of therapy. Therefore, in psychotherapy, I adopt a holistic and integrative approach which can be centred around what you need. Some of the specific methods I use are around Psycho-Organic Analysis, Sophrology, Jungian Analysis and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. I believe that therapy is a process that can allow a person to heal, transform and grow.



– Group workshops


– HCPC – Health and Care Professions Council

EAP – European Association for Psychotherapy

– BACP – British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy 

ISF – International Sophrology Federation

Additional Languages

– French
– Arabic
To get in touch with Alexandra please send an email to

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