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Speech and Language Therapist

Qualifications and experience

I am a fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist and I am extremely passionate about the field of Communication, Language, Voice and Swallowing Disorders. I am currently completing my MSc in Speech, Language and Communication – Advanced Practice at City, University of London.
I work in a private clinic and with the NHS alongside my private practice, and I offer private consultancy services to schools around West and Central London.
I also studied singing and my passion in treating voice disorders stems from that.

Current work and interests/ certifications

I am a PROMPT therapist. I have undertaken the Introduction and the Bridging Level and I can offer a highly specialist service in this area. Please contact me to find out whether your child could benefit from this specialist intervention according to his language and communication needs. I am also certified in the following methods:

“Introduction to PROMPT : Technique”,
“Bridging PROMPT Technique to Intervention”,
“Makaton Foundation Course”
“Attention Autism”- Gina Davies Autism Centre
“The accent method”


  • Developmental language disorder (DLD)
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Myofunctional disorders in children and adults
  • Dysphonia in children and adults (e. g. nodules, vocal cords paralysis/paresis)
  • Functional Dysphonia in children and adults (qualitative and perceptive changes of the voice, distress symptoms, roughness, hoarseness)
  • Projection voice techniques in actors and singers
  • Speech sound disorders (Apraxia of Childhood, Phonological Disorders)
  • Semantic-Pragmatic Disorders
  • Bilingualism Language delay
  • Autism
  • Expressive – Receptive language disorders
  • Fluency disorders in childhood